Robotic Cells

Why should you automate?

Besides being highly profitable, the industrial automation offers several advantages. For a long time, engineers, technology designers have been focused in developing highly technological efficient solutions.

It’s observed, however, that recently this advance reached a much higher state. The acquisition costs decreased and the alternatives increased, once more and more industries started to implement the industrial automation to accelerate mainly the production capacity.

Some of its main advantages are evident:

  • Productivity increasing
  • Cost Reduction
  • Products quality improvement
  • Safety
  • Working liabilities reduction
  • Competitive advantages
  • Accuracy
  • Others

Industrial Robots

It’s been proved that industrial robots, in the last decades, bring many advantages to the industrial production processes. The advantages go from greater productivity, lower operational costs and even the improvement of work and health occupational conditional for its operations.

Robotic Cells by Themes

Our content on cells, may be found by themes or by industries below.

Types of Industries

MCK Automação, develops robotic cell designs for various industry sectors,
The client has the entire solution integrated with a single company, from mechanical design, electro-electronic design, Manufacturing, assembly, integration, try-out, start-up, commissioning and technical assistance. Here are some of these industries:

The use of industrial robots in the factories is directly associated with the objectives of the automated production in which it is aimed:

MCK Automação MCK Automação

Reduce the cost

of manufactured products, through: Productivity, better use of raw material (reduction of losses, optimization of use), energy saving, time, among others.

MCK Automação MCK Automação

Improve the working conditions

of the human being by eliminating dangerous or unhealthy activities from their direct contact, which in fact eliminates the probability of a labor action by the employee.

MCK Automação MCK Automação

Perform complex and impossible activities

to be controlled or performed, either manually, physically, or intellectually by a human being.


MCK has a team of robotists and programmers, highly qualified professionals, well prepared and expert in the main brand of industrial robots at the market, guaranteeing e choosing the most appropriate equipment for each situation.
Células Robotizadas

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