MCK Help Chain

MCK Help Chain

MCK Help-Chain ® : is a standardized system, inspired in Lean Manufacturing system, that operates with maintenance structure allocated at MCK, starting with telephonical attendance, passing through remote acess/operation, which may get to MCK team displacement to the local, providing:

  • Immediate Attendance
  • Skilled Attendance
  • Quick production retake
On this routine of interaction and development, the aim of the system is the immediate resolution for the problem, as soon as it shows up, starting with the production operator, going through immediate leaders with the final supervision of the managers of all support areas, clearing all the instability in the process.

With focus on production stability and on the best cost-benefit to our clients, MCK developed a system with 9 steps, subdivided in two phases:

Phase I- Mapping

  • 1- Installed Park Register
  • 2- Mapping and classification at the risk of each equipment
  • 3- Definition of the selected key-equipment
  • 4- Identification of selected equipment

Phase II – System Implementation

  • 5- Installed programs and key-equipment back-up
  • 6- Availability, in leding regime, from MCK notebook with all programs and installed software licenses
  • 7- MCK team/programmers scaling
  • 8- Training for local maintenance of procedures to remote access

Quantitative Aspects ($)

<> The client doesn’t need to invest in the hardware purchase, softwares and communication cable
<> It’s unnecessary to hire technicians and maintenance programmers
<> Lower cost comparing to the displacement/visit of the technical team to the local by remote
<> Quick retake of the production given the team’s full availability and skilled labor

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