Pneumatic Panels Setting Up and Maintenance

Pneumatic Panels Setting Up and Maintenance

MCK develops innovative and intelligent solutions for an efficient setting up of panels and pneumatic or electro pneumatic devices, dedicating to aligning and maximizing the machine productivity and balance the automatic processes work.

Our setting-up and maintenance projects are executed according to the pneumatic, electro pneumatic and cylinder and valves scaling logical circuits according with their time period. We make the differentiate solution viable according to our clients’ needs.
Painéis Pneumáticos

At the setting-up, MCK takes into consideration the agility, quality, safety and accuracy, relevant attributes to a greater efficiency in the pneumatic command. We work only with line technology and quality components that reduce risks to the panel lifespan

Painéis Pneumáticos
Painéis Pneumáticos
Our team is composed by technicians and skilled engineers, trained to perform services which demand a high level of technical strictness and analytic verification, providing a high satisfactory result, attending in a personalized form and identifying each client’s need. For the execution, setting up process we follow the exact guidelines for each process with equipment and special tools and verification tests to guarantee the full quality and efficiency of the executed service.
Painéis Pneumáticos

Get to know our solutions in the area of panels and pneumatic devices:

  • Pneumatic Solutions in Systems
  • Elaboration and Execution of pneumatic automation projects
  • Industrial Equipment Maintenance
  • Panel Setting-Up and Pneumatic Devices


  • Technical/ Economic viability Study
  • Coordination and Selectivity Study

Pneumatic Projects

  • Machine and Devices Pneumatic Projects
  • Reevaluation of international projects: nationalization of commercial components, review of manufacturing process and feedstock
  • Review of projects in order to reduce costs and increase productivity: reviewing concepts, applied materials, manufacturing process and commercial plan.
  • Develop potential Suppliers with quality assurance through the need for a new or imported national or component.
  • Elaborate Manuals: Group, select and organize all the information related to the design of a data product developed in the project or commercial components data, describe operation, elaborate diagrams and charts, etc.
  • Elaboration of flowcharts in general

Construction Support

  • Construction management and Supervision
  • Commissioning
  • Start up
  • Electrical projects Updates and As built


  • Construction Commissioning
  • Skill Commissioning
  • Certification Commissioning
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