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Training: Industrial Automation

MCK, concerned to fully meet the needs of its customers, offers a broad program of technical training, focused on topics of Industrial Automation.

With its technical staff, professionals with a solid academic background and acting in renowned teaching institutions such as SENAI, technical schools (ETEC's) and universities, we are able to offer training in the following technologies:

Programming of PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers)

Basic Module

  • System Overview
  • Communication Devices and Networks
  • PLC Tags
  • Programming Blocks
  • Binary and Digital Operations

Advanced Module

  • Data Blocks
  • Organization Blocks

What is a PLC?

Programmable Logic Controller is a microprocessed device that uses input modules to read the states of the system to be controlled through software analyzes the task to be performed as well as the states of the inputs and performs the programmed actions and finally uses Output to control drives and actuators.

Programming of HMI's (Human-Machine Interface)


  • Introduction to the HMI
  • Display Settings
  • Search and Errors
  • Suggested Solutions

Getting to know the HMI

It is a set of keys for data navigation that uses software for its programming. Through the HMI the operator can interact with the machine or process.
After programming the PLC, the HMI also needs to be programmed and fed with the necessary information. The HMI allows to monitor, manage and analyze in order to verify if something can be improved, seeking greater efficiency in the equipment.

Industrial Robot Programming


  • System Overview
  • Movement
  • Tools / Objects definition
  • Introduction to Programming
  • Scheduling Positions
  • Execution of the Program
  • Inputs and Outputs

Industrial Robots

An industrial robot is a versatile machine, quite efficient and able to carry out any activity, provided that it is properly prepared through suitable work tools for each activity. They are widely used in industries performing welding, material handling, painting, adhesive application, palletizing, etc.

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